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Secret tips to get the best value out of your dedicated server

The increasing use of the internet has made it almost mandatory for any sincere business to develop a fully functional website with user-friendly features. High speed and stable performance are major things to keep in mind if you want to offer the premium experience to your viewers and web hosting plays a vital role here. That is why the premium businesses prefer dedicated servers to enjoy the maximum resource availability, quick rationing, better privacy, and higher security. While your dedicated server does offer you all these features, there are a number of ways in which you can extract even more benefits out of your dedicated servers. It helps you to enjoy extended controls, reduce your costs and enhance your capabilities. Here are a few less known but highly beneficial ways to get more benefits out of your
dedicated servers
Host application platforms
Empowering your clients with extended features can help your business grow and attract more loyal clients. The good news is that you can use your dedicated server to host multiple application platforms including popular CMS like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress. In short, it allows you to manage different clients while empowering them to update their services or make the required modifications. It offers you twin benefits. The clients with sufficient knowledge can make modifications/updates on their own thus relieving you from any extra efforts. Secondly, the non-technical clients can transfer the ownership of this task to you by paying you additional charges that can allow you to earn more revenue.
Database engines
Database plays an important role especially when we talk about website hosting accounts or another server related application. For that purpose-specific advantage, you need strong database engines than allows comfortable data storage for games or heavy desktop applications etc. There are different database engines that you can choose from as per your needs. The popular options include MySQL, Galera, and MS SQL Server 2012.
Better customization of Firewall options
You get more security options with a dedicated server. Whether you want to prevent your website form going off the track due to hacking attempts or need to share layered access controls to your staff members, you would need firewalls and load balancers. In fact, you can feed standing instructions to your firewall. It allows you to enjoy more redundancy, offer selected access to specified employees/vendors, caches your web content as per your visitor’s proximity, strongly prohibits the intruders
and scale the present architecture as per the requirements.
Good To Know: Lack of user-friendly features is one of the major drawbacks of Firewall as per many people. However, things are changing fast, thanks to the latest technologies that offer extended controls and more customization features. Especially if you are using a Linux Server then you can easily setup the firewall to the augmented security of your dedicated server without disturbing the positive user experience. So using firewalls on your dedicated server can be a much better option to go rather than hiring premium security management services that come with an expensive price tag. You won’t only save a good amount but will also be able to enjoy the better and direct control over your security management.
Multiply capabilities
Now you can enjoy even more benefits out of your dedicated server with the help of hypervisor. Hypervisor takes your capabilities to the next level by empowering you to create a number of cloud environments and also offering you the stronger backing and restoration capabilities. The best thing is that you don’t need to add any heavy amount on top of the regular prices of a dedicated server. Sophisticated technologies like VMWare ESX or Citrix Deserver have added much ease and reliability to virtualization while minimizing the learning curve. You will be offered an easy-to-use, downloadable interface. It allows you to get all the major
restores without having to go through complicated processes or tedious steps.
Get maximum Accuracy and efficiency to handle complex tasks
Big Data can play a major role in handling the complicated tasks accurately and confidently associated with your dedicated
server. For instance, Apache Hadoop is great software that helps you to perform complicated and massive data tasks with maximum accuracy and cutting-edge efficiency. The best thing is that while enjoying all these premium features
you will not be required to pay unaffordable costs associated with enterprise level database environments. With the help of specific principles, Hadoop slices a complex task into several manageable pieces and then reassign each “slice” to different resources that add ease to the entire process.
Quick Recap
So, we hope that you might have found some of the little known but highly beneficial features of your dedicated server
along with getting some useful tips on enhancing the server performance. Here is a quick recap of this article:
Here’s how your dedicated server can offer you multiple benefits:
· Offer extra services to your clients by hosting their application platforms and popular CMS they use
· Better security control with customization of Firewall options
· Create many cloud environments with the help of hypervisor. It also multiplies your backing and restoration capabilities.
· Add more precision and efficiency to complex data tasks
· Enjoy sufficient data storage for desktop applications, games etc. with the help of database engines
While dedicated server offers you maximum privacy and security, there are a number of other benefits that you can expect
from your dedicated server. Due to the lack of awareness, many clients may fail to enjoy these extended benefits. This post reveals some of the lesser known benefits or the tips to increase the efficiency of your dedicated servers. However, depending upon the plan you opt for, the list of benefits can even be longer. So, it is always recommendable to check with your hosting provider about
various benefits you can get from your dedicated server.
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